Jackson Trail Volunteer  |  est.1978
                                       FIRE DEPARTMENT            
                                                                                                                                 3345 Jackson Trail Road  /  Jefferson Georgia / 30549/ 706-367-9557

Jackson Trail Volunteer Fire Department was formed
in 1978 by a group of
local concerned citizens. They started with    one truck and
took out personal loans against their own farms to build the
initial fire Department building.   The 2 acres were
donated.  The volunteers had many different types of fund
raisers to procure the needed equipment to operate the fire

When a call was received of a fire in our district, a
volunteer would call 2 more volunteers and then those 2
would call 2, and so on and so on; and, this was how they
were dispatched to fires.

We have come along way with 5 well equipped pieces of fire
equipment. pagers for all the volunteers for receiving our
calls; along with radios to coordinate fire response.   We
even receive a text on our cell phones when a call is

Jackson Trail Volunteer Fire Department is  constantly
evolving to keep the fire department up to national
standards. We train every Tuesday night at the station
and have a roster full of highly trained and motivated
firefighters and support personnel.

The safety of our citizens is our number one job and we
will continue to do all we can to make this a reality.
Circa 1978
Circa 2018